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Binary Options Trading:

Yardstick Investors is a leading member in the binary options trading community. Our traders have a combined experience of over 48 years in trading binary options. During this period, they have perfected the trading signals to a point that our investors are guaranteed of the returns due to them.

Forex Trading:

The currency exchange and speculating market is a very technical and delicate sphere that if not managed properly could lead to troubling consequences. We at Yardstick Investors have come up with the right strategy to make great returns from the liquid market. The Forex market is open 24 hours a day and our Traders work round the clock so as to attain the goals and target we set out to deliver for our Clients.

Assets Management:

Every Individual and Organization needs an accurate inventory of all their assets, including location and condition. The challenge in Asset Management is dynamically updating field conditions to ensure you have the most accurate, up-to-date information available for making strategic decisions. At Yardstick Investors, our Asset Managers bring their wealth of experience and skill set to manage your Assets.

Gold, Silver and Gemstone Trading

When trading gold, silver and gemstones, you must be aware of what they are used for by the major producing and exporting nations, as well as the big consumers and importers. It is vital to know about the use of these precious metals and stones not only for industrial usage but for hedging purposes against factors such as inflation and the strength of currency. The trade in scrap metals is also a vital factor for you to be aware of in the market for gold and silver. At Yardstick Investors, we have perfected the intricacies of the precious metals and gemstones market to make the investments that are guaranteed to make great returns for our Clients.

Oil and Gas Trading

Yardstick Investors trade Oil and Gas widely in Europe as a hedging tool for the physical industry. We conduct trade in oil and gas via futures, options, crack spread options or average price options contracts. The availability of several trading contracts offers Yardstick Investors improved flexibility in managing their price risks. Trading for oil and gas futures contracts is conducted on the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) and New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) by Yardstick Investors. The oil and gas market is a volatile, but very lucrative field and we at Yardstick Investors have keyed into this market to make amazing profits for our Clients.

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