Term of Service


1. General rules and Guidlines.

1.1. The minimum age of an investor is 18 years of age.

1.2. After registering with Yardstick Investors, you will be required to submit some of your details to enable us verify your account and also for maximum security.

1.3.There is also a possibility of a joint account where there can be more than one user/owner. This is a typical case of a Corporate Account, subject to an agreement signed by both or group of parties involved.

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1. Investment/Funding is done through Yardstick Investors for mercantile activities.

2.2. Execution of Profit is the responsibility of Yardstick Investors.

3. Conditions

3.1. Only one investment account can be attributed to one investor(except a case whereby the Investor has a joint account with another Investor or group of Investors), this means that an investor can only open one account in his/her name with Yardstick Investors.

3.2. An Investor can decide to close an account with Yardstick Investors whenever he/she deems fit.

3.3. After registering and investing with Yardstick Investors, a Trader and Account Manager will be assigned to the Investor.

3.4. Withdrawal can be carried out at anytime provided it is done twice a month.

3.5. An Investor or group of Investors can decide to increase his/her/their investment at any point in time.

3.6. Lack of access to the site because of possible technical malfunctions hosting companies serving our site, does not affect the accrual of profits and fulfillment of requests for withdrawal of funds by an Investor.

3.7 20% of the accumulated profits is the company's service charge(this varies with subject to your investment plan).

3.8. For the compounding account, the Client must clear the tax accrued by his/her account before withdrawal can be made.

4. Investor Compensation Fund

4.1 Yardstick Investors participates in the Investor Compensation Fund for Clients of Investment Firms regulated in the United Kingdom. Claims of the covered Clients against Yardstick Investors may be compensated by the Investor Compensation Fund where the Company is unable, due to its financial circumstances. Compensation shall not exceed fifty thousand Pounds (50.000) for each entitled Client.

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